A Beginner's Handbook to Vets Football

Published on
June 5, 2024
A Beginner's Handbook to Vets Football
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Age is just a number, especially when it comes to the beautiful game ⚽. Vets football offers those of us in the veteran category—whether you're 35 or 55—a chance to continue enjoying football. As your body changes, so too should your approach to playing. Here’s how to transition into vets football, whether you’re playing casually, aiming for championships, or just having a kickabout after work.

1. Take the Time to Warm Up 🕒

As we age, our muscles and joints need a bit more care. A thorough warm-up becomes increasingly crucial to prevent injuries. Start with gentle stretching, focusing on your legs, back, and arms. Progress to dynamic movements like leg swings and walking lunges. FC Urban games always allocate time for warm-up, ensuring you're game-ready without risking your health.

2. Know Your Limits! 🛑

It’s vital to listen to your body and recognize when to push and when to ease back. Vets football isn’t about proving how tough you are but rather about enjoying the game sustainably. If you feel pain or excessive fatigue, give yourself permission to take a break. In vets football London leagues, the spirit of play emphasizes fun and health over competitiveness.

3. Opt for a More Reasonable Style of Play 🤔

Gone are the days of relentless sprinting and aggressive tackles. Shift your style towards strategic positioning and smarter play. Focus on passing and maintaining possession rather than charging through defenses. This more reasonable approach not only suits your changing physical abilities but also can lead to a more satisfying game.

4. Choosing is Committing ✔️

When you decide to play, commit to the game. This doesn’t mean playing through pain or discomfort, but rather showing up mentally and physically prepared. Ensure you’re well-rested and hydrated before the match. Being fully present enhances your experience and your performance. At FC Urban, choosing your matches via the app allows for flexibility, enabling you to commit to games that fit your schedule without overcommitting.

5. After the Match 🔄

What you do after the game can be just as important as the game itself. Cool down with stretches to help your muscles recover. Stay hydrated and consider a light post-game snack. Also, take time to socialize with your teammates. FC Urban fosters a community atmosphere with events and gatherings after matches, enhancing the social benefits of playing vets football.


Transitioning to vets football is a fantastic way for older athletes to continue their passion for football. It's about adapting to the game as you age, ensuring that you can play smarter, not harder. With FC Urban, you have the flexibility to choose when and how you play, with all the social and physical benefits football offers—no matter your age.

Remember, in vets football, it’s not just about the minutes on the pitch; it’s about enjoying every aspect of the game, from preparation to the post-match camaraderie. Lace up your boots and enjoy the game in a way that feels right for you. Welcome to vets football in London—where the game never stops, and neither do you. 🎉