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FC Urban: The Future of Individual Team Sports 👋

Published on
June 5, 2024
FC Urban: The Future of Individual Team Sports 👋
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Are you tired of the commitments and obligations that come with playing team sports? Do you miss playing football but can't commit to a fixed team? FC Urban may be just the solution you need.

Founders of FC Urban

In 2018, two friends were brainstorming new ideas when they received a message from their football team captain asking why they were not joining the Sunday game. They realized that the reason they had stopped playing team sports was due to the commitment and obligation required. This sparked an idea to create an app that would allow individuals to play football when it suits them, without the commitment of a fixed team. Thus, FC Urban was born.

The mission of FC Urban is to create a new noun: "Individual team sport." They believe that football should be as easy as going for a run, without the pressure of committing to a team. The FC Urban app allows users to browse for a game of football nearby, attend, and FC Urban takes care of the rest.

Not only does FC Urban offer the flexibility to play when it suits you, but they also ensure that the best locations are chosen for their games. Plus, they provide an urban master who tracks all your stats, including your individual win/loss ratio and goals scored. These stats are then displayed to you 120 minutes after the game, so you can track your progress and improve your skills.

FC Urban has revolutionized the way we think about team sports. No longer do you have to commit to a fixed team with set game times. You can play when it suits you and still enjoy the social aspect of playing with others. FC Urban makes it easy for anyone to play football and improve their skills at their own pace.

If you're looking for a new way to play football without the commitments of a fixed team, give FC Urban a try. You'll enjoy the flexibility, social aspect, and the ability to track your progress. Who knows, you may even become a part of the biggest football club in the world.