Experience the Freedom to Play Football with FC Urban in Antwerpen 🇧🇪

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July 5, 2023
 Experience the Freedom to Play Football with FC Urban in Antwerpen 🇧🇪
Pitch field FC Urban

Are you passionate about football but find it challenging to commit to a fixed team? Imagine being able to play football whenever it suits you, without the pressure of long-term commitments. Well, we have exciting news for the football enthusiasts of Antwerpen! We are happy to announce the launch of FC Urban in Antwerpen, bringing you the opportunity to experience the freedom of playing football on your terms. Starting from the 4th of July, Antwerpen will witness a revolution in the world of football, as FC Urban redefines the concept of individual team sports.

Discover the Freedom of Individual Team Sports:

At FC Urban, we believe that football should be as accessible as going for a run. We aim to create a new noun: "Individual team sport." Gone are the days of rigid team structures and fixed schedules. With FC Urban, you have the freedom to play football when it suits you, without the constraints of long-term team commitments. Our innovative app makes it easy for users to browse nearby football games, sign up, and leave the rest to us.

Unleash Your Potential with FC Urban:

Not only does FC Urban offer flexibility in playing football, but we also ensure that you get the best playing locations. Our team meticulously selects top-notch venues where you can enjoy the game to its fullest. Furthermore, FC Urban provides an urban master who tracks all your game statistics, including your individual win/loss ratio and goals scored. These stats are then made available to you within 120 minutes after the game, allowing you to track your progress and work on improving your skills.

Exciting Launch in Wilrijk:

We are excited to kick the first ball in the vibrant district of Wilrijk. Known for its high ratio of young people, Wilrijk is an ideal location to launch FC Urban in Antwerpen. The response has been overwhelming, with the first match almost fully booked. However, a few spots are still available, indicating the anticipation among the citizens of Antwerpen for FC Urban.

Don't Miss the First Match:

The first match in Antwerpen will be hosted at 19:30 in the renowned Sportcentrum Wilrijkse Plein. Be sure to secure your spot and be part of this historic moment. Join us as we change the way football is played, making it more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.