Indoor Football Fun at Dulwich: 6-a-Side with FC Urban! 🥅⚽

Published on
February 2, 2024
Indoor Football Fun at Dulwich: 6-a-Side with FC Urban! 🥅⚽
Pitch field FC Urban

Are you ready for an evening of 6vs6 indoor football action in the heart of Dulwich? Look no further! FC Urban is happy to invite you to our upcoming session at the state-of-the-art Dulwich Indoor facility on Tuesday, February 06, from 19:00 to 20:00.

Dulwich Indoor football : The Ultimate Football Haven

Nestled on Jarvis Road, East Dulwich, SE22 8RB, London, Dulwich Indoor stands as FC Urban's first destination for indoor football enthusiasts. Just a two-minute walk from East Dulwich station, our indoor location is the go-to spot for football enthusiasts in Dulwich.

What to Expect

Prepare for a 6vs6 football indoor game under the guidance of Urban Master Joe. To ensure a seamless experience, we recommend arriving 10 minutes before the match. FC Urban takes care of all the details, from providing a fantastic host to bibs, balls, and ensuring well-balanced teams. For this indoor session, equip yourself with appropriate indoor shoes for optimal performance on the surface.

Affordable and Accessible: Football for All in Dulwich

We strongly believe that football should be accessible to everyone. Our commitment extends to ensuring affordability and easy accessibility. Football at FC Urban is an experience that won't break the bank, ensuring that the beautiful game is enjoyed by all.

 How to Join

Joining the football excitement in Dulwich is easy! Follow these simple steps to become a part of FC Urban's weekly 6vs6 football games at Dulwich Indoor:

·        Visit Our Website: Head to our website, where you'll find all the details about our upcoming sessions, including date, time, and venue.

·        Sign Up: Register for our weekly 6vs6 football games at Dulwich Indoor. Choose your preferred time slot, ensuring it fits seamlessly into your schedule.

·        Gather Your Friends: Football is more enjoyable with friends! Rally your squad and sign up together for an evening of camaraderie and fun.

·        Solo Players Welcome: No worries if you're flying solo! Join as an individual player, and we'll ensure you're placed in a team where you'll have a fantastic time on the field.

Dulwich Indoor the highlight of your week. Join us, and together, we'll make every football session an unforgettable experience!

So, if you're searching for "6vs6 football near me" or "football in Dulwich," your quest ends here. FC Urban is your ultimate destination for thrilling football action right in the heart of Dulwich. See you on the field!