The Role of an FC Urban Master

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July 5, 2023
 The Role of an FC Urban Master
Pitch field FC Urban

At FC Urban, we believe that our Urban Masters play a crucial role in making sure that everyone who joins our football games feels welcome and has a fun, safe experience. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the responsibilities and importance of an FC Urban Master.

First and foremost, an Urban Master is a host of the game. They arrive at the pitch 15 minutes before kickoff to set up the field and make sure everything is ready for the game. They also bring along clean FC Urban bibs and take care of the balls.

One of the key responsibilities of an Urban Master is to manage the team line-up. Our app makes a recommendation based on an algorithm to ensure that the teams are balanced, but the Urban Master has the local knowledge and authority to make changes if necessary. They make sure that everyone understands the special rules we have in place at FC Urban, such as no sliding and no fixed goalkeeper.

During the game, the Urban Master is an entertainer. They shout out the standings and make sure that everyone is having fun. They also track all the stats, including goals scored, which are visible in our app 120 minutes after the game.

After the game, the Urban Master asks players for feedback on how they liked the game. They may even decide to go to a nearby pub for some post-game drinks.

In summary, the Urban Master is a crucial role in ensuring that everyone who joins our football games has a great experience. They are responsible for setting up the field, managing the team line-up, enforcing rules, tracking stats, and making sure everyone is having fun. We're proud of our Urban Masters and the role they play in creating a fun and safe environment for our players.