FC Urban to Take Over Futgether 🇪🇸

Published on
October 11, 2023
FC Urban to Take Over Futgether 🇪🇸
Pitch field FC Urban

🗞️ Alicante, Spain - 21-september-2023

In an exciting development for football enthusiasts across Spain, FC Urban and Futgether have announced an agreement where FC Urban will assume control of Futgether's operations in Alicante and Murcia.

Futgether, an innovative startup, has been making waves in the realm of amateur football across Spain. Their unique model offers players an innovative system for booking and participating in futsal and 5 to 11-a-side football games at various top quality pitches throughout the city. The startup's vision to revamp the way amateur football is approached in the country has enabled plenty of football enthusiasts to get on the pitch with ease.

Francisco Jose Gomez, the founder of Futgether, expressed his enthusiasm regarding the recent development. "It's a exiting time for Futgether. Partnering with FC Urban means that our users in Alicante and Murcia will be exposed to an even higher level of service," said Gomez. "FC Urban's app is nothing short of revolutionary. It introduces a host of impressive features for our current users, from tracking stats, goals, and win-loss ratios to offering a seamless booking experience."

This collaboration promises to harness the strengths of both organizations, merging Futgether's innovative approach with FC Urban's advanced technological platform. As amateur football enthusiasts anticipate a refined and enhanced experience, the future of the sport in Alicante, Murcia and the rest of Spain is an exciting one with FC Urban now in town!

For further details on this collaboration or for any inquiries, please contact ashley@fcurban.nl